The Right Way To Secure A Hook On A Fishing Hat

The Right Way To Secure A Hook On A Fishing Hat – We Have The Solution

Have you seen fisherman with hooks and lures on their hats?

Hats are essential to protect you from the sun, but they can be decorated to bring extra love to your favorite hat.

Not only do they add a style point to your hat, but you can also use the hooks and lures as spare ones.

If you find yourself needing a new hook or lure don’t run back to shore to get one after finding your tackle box without a spare.

Adding hooks, lures, and other fishing things has been done for years.

Some wear them to show how passionate they are about fishing.

Others wear them to use as spares.

The Right Way To Put A Hook On A Fishing Hook

When it comes to adding a hook to our fishing hat, use caution when doing to avoid pricking yourself. Get the end of the hook and push it through whichever part of the hat you want it to go. Ensure that the sharp end is pushed up from the inside, after which will stabilize it. Having it sitting at an upward angle will prevent your head from getting pricked.

What Is The Best Placement For The Hooks?

It is best to place them on the bill of the hat just in case you insert one wrong.

You don’t want to injure yourself. Placing the hooks on the bill will still leave them visible to everyone but far away from your head.

Will A Hat Clip Work To Secure The Hooks?

Many fishermen prefer to use little clips to secure the hooks called a hat clip.

These are easy ways to secure the hook to your hat where it will stay secure.  Hat hooks work with most of the normal fish hooks.

Hooks On Hats Mean Good Luck

Many fishermen still go by the old folklore tale that states wearing hooks on your fishing hat will bring you good luck.

Polynesian cultures wear Makau hooks which symbolize good luck. If you end up with a big catch, then perhaps it was the extra luck sent your way.

Using A Hat For Easy Hook Access

When fishermen wanted to keep their fishing hooks and their lures right there on hand, for when they needed them, they would put them on their hats.

It wasn’t safe to store hooks in your pocket as they can stab into your leg you cut your finger when you try to get them out.

Sometimes anglers are right out in the middle of the water, so they cannot take bags and their tackle boxes with them.

What better way to store their lures and hooks than safely on their hat! It is quiet, which is important when you don’t want to scare fish away, and it allows for easy access.

Creating Your Own Hook Pins

You can create your own hook pins that can attach to a homemade hook or lure, which will attach them to your hat.

You can use plenty of stuff that you had at home to create your own hooks and lures. Add them to your heart for a unique style that will catch the eye of other anglers. You will also get some extra respect due to the fact you have taken the time to create your own.

Fishing Hats With Hook Holders

Yes, that is right, you can buy already built-in hook fishing hats.

These hats have fabric that is made into a loop that will hold your hooks and lures.

This will allow you to take out the hooks and lures safely and easily. There is no hard work involved.

You just need to ensure the hook or lure is threaded through the material loops.

It is a good idea to thread it through several times to secure it but always make sure the hook is facing up.

You can risk injury to your head or ear if the hook is facing downwards.


Storing your hooks on your fishing hat might not be the thing for you, but it might serve as a great purpose to store your spare hooks and lures.

Ensure you choose a good quality hat to apply them to, and make sure you take caution when putting the hooks in and out of the hat.

Having these on your hat can not only prove your dedication but also make you look professional.

Why not give it a go? You might just like the new look.


Frequently Asked Questiosn about Fish Hooks

Is There A Certain Side To Wear Fish Hooks?

Most fishermen will wear the hooks on the left side, although this isn’t actually a rule set in concrete.

What Are The Main Reasons To Wear Hooks On Hats?

To show a dedication to fishing and to make a fishing hat look unique and stylish. People also so this as a place to store