How to Pull a Fish Out of Water

How to Pull a Fish Out of Water

Fishing is anything but boring when you know how to go about it correctly.

While some fishermen and women spend their entire day with their line in the water, not catching anything, others thrive, reeling in fish after fish.

The difference doesn’t have anything to do with where you’re fishing, but how you’re fishing.

We could spend hours going over the fishing processes that will help you catch the most fish, but if you don’t know the very basics, you’ll find yourself struggling, even if you do manage to catch a fish or two.

When you finally hook a fish on your line, you’ll want to know how to pull a fish out of water.

To keep your fish on the line and well enough to return to the water (if that’s your plan), you’ve got to know the right way to remove them from the water in the first place.

How to Pull Fish Out of Water

When you’re sitting on the side of the dock and your bobber begins to go up and down in the water, you’ll likely jump up with excitement because you’ve caught a fish. As you’re carefully reeling in your new catch, you’ll want to get your net ready to pull your fish from the water. You can pull a fish from the water without a net, but utilizing one makes it easier for you and for the fish. As your fish gets closer to land, dock, or boat, gently dip the net into the water underneath your fish and scoop him out of the water to place him on land.

Correctly Removing a Fish From Water

Just like understanding how to clean a litter box is part of owning a cat, removing a fish from the water to fish safely is part of knowing how to fish properly.

When using a net to remove a fish from the water, there is less pressure from the hook when pulling the fish upward out of the water, because you are supporting the body.

You can fish without a net, but in all honesty, it makes things more difficult for the fish.

Fish with a Net

Pulling fish out of the water with a net
Pulling fish out of the water with a net

Fishing in the wild is often done using a net.

Not only is it easier to scoop the fish up out of the water, but it’s easier on the fish itself, particularly if you plan on catching and releasing it.

Even in captivity, fish prefer a net to a small container or your hand.

Utilizing a net to catch your fish is less startling and traumatizing to your fish, which means it will be more likely to survive upon release.

To catch your fish with a net, simply drag your net gently behind your fish through the water.

Since your fish is on a hook, you’ll be able to carefully place the net underneath it to scoop it up without issue.

Do not get impatient if the fish does not go into the net right away. Give it time to adjust to what is happening.

When you’ve had the chance to scoop him up a few times, practicing and getting the hang of it, you’ll find it gets much easier!

Small Container

Using a container to pull a fish out
Using a container to pull a fish out

Using a small container to pull your fish out of water is not as good an option as using a net, but it works if you’re in a pinch, and it’s much better than using your hands.

Depending on the size of the fish you’ve caught, you’ll want to use a container large enough to fit your fish comfortably.

To safely scoop your fish into a container instead of a net, you’ll want to take the same approach as if you were using a net.

Follow your fish gently with the container until you can carefully get the container underneath it and lift it out of the water.

The Line & Your Hands

Pull out a fish with your hands
Pull out a fish with your hands

Pulling a fish out of the water by tugging on the line is often the cause of grave injury and potentially death from the hook.

If this is your only option, try placing your hand underneath the fish as you reel it in.

While this method won’t be as easy as a net or a container, if you execute it carefully, you’ll be able to lift your fish onto land, snap a photo, safely remove the hook and send him on his way!

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Pull Fish Out of Water

Fishermen worldwide are always asking the internet how to safely pull a fish out of the water.

What is the best way to pull a fish out of water?

A net specifically made for fish should be used to pull a fish out of the water. By using this method, and a net that is the correct size, you can minimize potential injury to the fish, and the process will go smoothly for you.

Can I use my hand to pull a fish out of the water?

You can use your hand, but only in a pinch. If you have to remove your fish from the water quickly, then your hand can be used if there are no other options. In any other cases, use a net or a separate container big enough to allow space for the fish.

Successfully Removing Your Fish From Water

As a fishing enthusiast, there will come a time when you need to know how to properly remove a fish from the water.

A net is the best tool to do this with to ensure that you don’t hurt the fish during the catch and release process.

If you do not intend to release the fish, the use of a net minimizes any potential suffering.