How To Change A Fishing Rod From Left Or Right Handed

How To Change A Fishing Rod From Left Or Right Handed – Easier Than You Think!

If you are left-handed but you are lending your reel to a right-handed friend, it is easy to switch them over.

Now don’t get confused as you aren’t actually changing the actual reels over, but you are swapping the arm reel sides over.

It doesn’t matter whether you are right or left-handed or whether you prefer to hold it in your right hand; then you reel in with your left hand or vice versa.

You need to do whichever feels right for you. If you are fishing for long periods of time, it is important that you do what is comfortable.

The good thing is the fact it only takes a minute to switch it over, so you can change it up a little if you prefer.

How To Change A Fishing Rod From Left Or Right Handed

To switch over sides, all you need to do is to remove the dust cap on the right side and then push the reel arm in. Turn the reel clockwise now then put the dust cover cap on the other reel opening on the opposite side and ensure you put the screw back in tightly.

Swapping From Left To Right Handed Reels

First, you need to take off the dust cup cover that you should find on the left side. You will need to keep turning it until it screws off.

Now you can take off the reel handle by turning it in an anti-clockwise direction.

Once you have that off, you can insert the reel into the spot where you just took the dust cover from. Now tighten it up by turning counterclockwise. You can put the dust cover on the right side now and screw it in.

Now you have successfully turned your reel from left to right-handed.

You can only switch over those rods that are spinning reels.

You cannot do this with the normal baitcasting reels, as they already have the reel located on the right side.

If you are using a baitcasting rod and are right-handed, you need to cast out and then change over to your left hand.

This will allow you to crack the reel arm with the right hand.

Is There Any Benefit To A Spinning Reel Handle On The Left Side If You are right-handed?

This allows you to use your more dominant hand that makes it easier to catch the bigger, stronger fish.

Your less dominant hand can then turn the reel handle which is a simpler task for the weaker hand. 

If you are holding the rod with the more dominant hand, you will get a faster hook set, and it’s easier to control the rod.

For a smooth fishing experience, there should be no need to switch hands each time you cast out.

There is actually a bigger turning radius on the spinning reels than the bait casters if you didn’t know.

This means it is going to be easier to turn the handle with a hand that isn’t dominant.

When you get a bite and need to reel in a normal reel rod handle, you will find it isn’t as easy as you think.

The normal ones actually have a small turning radius, so you need a lot more dexterity which is why it is more suited for the dominant hand.

On a bait caster with a turning radius that is smaller, it can be harder to perform.

Many people can reel in with their weaker hand, and quite often, it comes with practice. You can develop coordination and agility with your left hand over time.

When you are holding your fishing rod with the stronger hand and then cast it out, it can be awkward to then swap it completely to your other hand after you have cast.


Each person will have their preference for which hand you hold the reel in.

There is no right or wrong. While there are benefits for both, it is up to whichever you find more comfortable.

Some fish are strong and really put up a fight, so you must work with your stronger hand.

This allows for more power, so you have as much strength as you can to try and pull the fish in.

Luckily with spinning reels, you can swap them over quite easily just by unscrewing a screw. You can always try both ways and see which you prefer to use.

Some are very dominant with their right hand but can actually reel in a spinner rod with their left hand without a problem. Whatever works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spinning Reel

Why Do People Prefer Baitcasters?

The main reason why a bait caster is preferred for advanced fishermen is the fact the reel is located on the rod top, which makes the spool parallel to the fishing rod.

Do Professional Fisherman Use Spinning Reels?

Spinning reels have a good advantage which is the fact they can cast out small lures and bait. This is the main reason pro fisherman uses a spinning reel.