How To Cut Braided Fishing Line

How To Cut Braided Fishing Line – Right Tools For The Job

What is the right way to cut braided fishing lines?

Good thing you came here as we can tell you the right ways to cut braided fishing lines without trouble.

Are you trying to cut with scissors and getting nowhere?

You might be sitting at home needing to cut the line but don’t want to damage it by using the wrong tools.

Fair enough! Here we have the instructions and tips on the best way to cut your braided line.

How To Cut Braided Fishing Line

The easiest and quickest way to cut braided lines is by using professional line cutters. These are small cutters that have a plastic shell. This tool will do the job properly and safely. All you need to do is put the cutter points in between the line where you want to cut and squeeze the handles together. You should get a nice clean snip.

The Right Way To Cut Braided Line

Using a cutter is a good way to cut braided lines.

All you need to do is hold the knot in one hand. You need to ensure that you have trimmed the tag end.

You need to pull on the tag end, which will help to create tension in the line braid.

You need to have your tag ends tidy and quite short. You will need good quality, sharp cutters for braided lines.

If the line isn’t cutting easily, you may have a blunt pair of cutters.

What Tools Work Well For Trimming Braided Line?

There are several options available for trimming your line snips, side cutters, and certain scissors will do the job fine.

Snips are a good tool to use as they are designed to cut braids fast.  

If you have a pair of fishing pliers quite often, they have a line cutter on the side.

What About Titanium Micro-Tip Scissors?

These are a pair of scissors that have been bodybuilding for years.

They have a titanium coating that covers the blades, which helps to create more sharpness and allows them to grip easily.

These cutters are suited for the cold weather as they have spring-loaded handles, which means they open and cut easily.

Even in the colder days when our bodies just don’t want to use much strength.

These are a good size, and they fit in fishing baskets, bags, and holders with their 5-inch sizing.

Using Titanium Scissors

You cannot just cut braided lines with an ordinary pair of scissors. If you have titanium scissors, then that is a different story.

You need to trim and tie the knot the leaders if you are going to be attaching them to your mainline.

The good thing about these scissors is they offer a precise cut.

The scissors have a titanium coating which makes them so much easier to cut.

You can get these scissors from your local hardware store for a good price.

If these are exposed to saltwater or have been kept wet, you risk the development of rust.

Ensure you always carry a spare, so you are not left without a pair to cut your line when you need to.

Remember to only leave these for cutting your line. You can dull them by cutting other things with them so leave these just for line cutting.

Important Facts To Know About Braided Fishing Line?

The first thing to remember with braided lines is the fact you need sharp cutters or tools.

Braided line is strong and durable and therefore cannot be cut with a rusty pair of cutting tools or a pair of normal scissors.

If you attempt this, you will cause damage to the line.

In order to get the braid, there are several fibers that are sewn together. If you attempt to cut with the wrong tool, the fibers will end up squeezed together.

If you do end up cutting the line, you are going to be left with frayed ends, which will not allow you to tie the knot properly.

If you have a new pair of cutters, then you are going to have a hard cutting edge.

If you check and your tools lack the hardened edge, they are not going to do you much good nor last a long time. 

The edges will corrode and wear down fast after cutting synthetic fibers.

You want sharp tools to cut the knots as dull ones will tear the line.

The longer the blades, the better. The short blades don’t offer as much flexibility.

You want to ensure that your tag end is kept short, as having a long end after you have tied the knot can see the knot coming undone quite quickly.

Will Boomerang Braid Snips Do The Job?

You can cut braided fishing lines using the boomerang braid snips.

They are easy to move around and are able to just fit inside your hand or pocket.

These come with a cord and split ring so the tool can be attached to your rod, your boat or kayak, and even the belt loop on your pants.

This means you will have simple access to it fast.

These cutters are made with stainless steel, so you get a nice clean cut.

Using these will give you a good knot trim as they have a blunt nose, so the job can be done more accurately.

Like the others, it will rust when used with saltwater.


It can be hard to cut braided lines, but once you have been doing it for a little while, it gets easier.

Using the right tools will also ensure you get a nice, clean-cut every time. If you often fish, then getting a more professional tool is the way to go. Good luck

Frequently Asked Questions about Braided Fishing Lines

Can I Cut The Braided Line With Scissors?

There is the chance that you can cut braided lines with a cheap pair of scissors, but they would have to be very sharp. I would only do this as a one-off, though. If you have enough strength and the scissors are sharp, you might just fluke a clean cut.

Will Nail Clippers Cut Braided Line?

People have used nail clippers before and had success. Again it will depend on how sharp the clippers are and how durable.  The trick with clippers is to use them in a certain spot to cut clean, which is often positioned on an angle.