How To Hold A Fishing Rod

How To Hold A Fishing Rod – Get The Right Grip Every Time

Fishing is a great experience. Good anglers understand all about the beauty of fishing, so they always have the right equipment and know-how to handle it correctly.

Fishing can be done for leisure or for a job, but whichever you do, it is important that you learn how to hold a fishing rod correctly.

How To Hold A Fishing Rod

A right-handed fishing reel has the handle located on the right side. Sometimes this can be a problem for those who hold right-handed. Once you have cast out, you will need to switch the rod to your left hand to crack with your right. Luckily there are left-handed rods so you won’t need to change hands. This makes the process much easier and smooth. Always hold the rod in front of the pole.

The Fishing Rod

Before starting fishing, make yourself familiar with the fishing rod and the different parts.

The main parts are the handle, the butt cap, ferrule, and reel seat. Let’s have a close look at each part. 


The handle will decide how comfortable you feel holding the fishing rod.

Therefore pay attention to the handle when purchasing a fishing rod.

You can choose between different sizes of handles. So the first decision you would need to make is do I hold my fishing rod with one or two hands and also do I what to cast a short or long distance?

The rod handle is a very personal thing and everyone has their own preferences.

The handle can later be adjusted with some butt caps but in the end, it’s really the personal gut that matters. So 

Butt Cap

This is a part that is around the handle of the rod or over it. It sits at the end of the handle.

There are however different types and designs of butt caps, such as cork butt caps and weight butt caps.

The butt cap not only makes your fishing rod unique, it can also help to balance the rod and makes holding the rod more comfortable.

Different types of fishing require different butt caps, but in the end, follow your gut of which butt cap suits best for you.

Butt caps can be made of rubber/vinyl or cork.


Fishing stands and falls with the ferrule. The ferrule connects the parts of a multi pieces fishing rod.

Commonly used is the “Sleeve over ferrule”, where one section of the rod slips over the one below. 

Reel Seat

The reel’s seat is made to help maintain the fishing rod’s reel, which is next to the handle.

There are many mechanisms that you can attach to your reel.

Some fishing rods have rings on the reels, while others have hooding mechanisms that screw onto the fishing rod’s reel foot.

How To Hold A Fishing Rod

Sounds pretty straight forward but there are a few things to be aware of. 

First things first, it’s all about the grip and the leverage. A good grip is important as if you catch a fish the rod will be held by one hand only. 

So how can you archive a good grip?

The rod is lying in four finders of your hand, right in front of the pole. Close this circle with your thumb. 

Do not wrap your fingers below the reel, this will affect the leverage, and when it comes to a fight with fish, you might lose it.

The second variant is to have the pinky finger under the reel and the rest of the hand above.

At all times, the hand will stay in front of the reel. 

Bear also in mind that in which hand you are holding your rod depends on your dominant hand.

If you don’t know yet what way feels more comfortable try it out with both hands.

Just make sure to change the handle of the spinning reel accordingly. 


Being a beginner doesn’t mean that you cannot get it right. It will just take time.

Once you know how to hold the rod properly, the way and how many fish you catch is going to increase dramatically.

Fishing gets simple once you get the knack for it, and it is a skill that doesn’t disappear if you haven’t done it for a while.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Hold a Fishing Rod

Do You Have To Hold The Rod Correctly every time?

Most people lose their fish because they don’t hold the rod correctly. Whether you are retrieving your line or waiting on a bite, ensure that the left hand is always in front of the reel.

Why Do Some Have Their Spinning Rods Upside Down?

If you see someone holding a spinning rod upside down, it means they are a beginner, or they don’t want to end up reeling with the other hand.