What Is The Best Bait For Shark Fishing

What Is The Best Bait For Shark Fishing – Better Chances At Catching A Big One

I don’t think there is anything more exciting than casting out to try and land yourself a big, vicious fish.

To catch a shark, you are going to need some real high-end equipment and gear, and that starts with bait.

You cannot attempt to catch the big fish in the deep waters without the right bait.

Get the bait and take the challenge and see if you can land yourself a big finned monster.

What Is The Best Bait For Shark Fishing?

When you are hunting the killers of the water, you want something that is very oily and very bloody. A good example of the type of bait to use is mackerel, spot, sardines, bluefish, and menhaden. While these will most likely work for you, you need to go with bait that is local to the area that sharks feed on in that particular location.


Stingrays are the perfect bait for the big sharks. When you are using stingrays, you will be most likely to catch a hammer shark.

If you are lucky, you can attract a few tiger sharks.

If you are lucky to catch some, you might notice there are a few thorns from the stingrays stuck inside their mouth.


Sharks love barracuda, and nothing stinks more than one of these.

Shark commonly goes for Cuda as they are consistent.

When using Cuda as bait, you can use them whole, or you can split it in half.

Jack Crevalle

Jacks are easy to catch, and there is never a shortage, that is for sure.

Shark, even if they have already eaten, will not pass up the chance to eat a jack.

Lady Fish

You might know ladyfish as mini tarpons.

These are crazy little fish that won’t give in easily when caught.

These can be caught on colorful lures and shrimp.


Whiting is liked by sharks and prefers to eat shrimp.

If you are fishing in an area that is quite rough, you might find it hard to feel a bite on your line.

It can be an effort to catch these guys, which is why you might want to leave whiting for bait as a last resort.

Blue Runner

These fish are good to use for shark fishing, although they do put up a fight which is what sharks like to go for.

Blue runners can be found in the Atlantic area in big numbers.

Catching Your Shark Bait

The best shark bait for fish is the ones that are still alive.

A fish that is in high distress is what attracts the sharks in the first place. Hook and line or a good quality net can be used to catch live bait for fishing.

If you are using a cast net, you are most likely going to catch herring, sardines, and mullet.

Ensure you have a place to store the live bait, like a bucket or container with enough water for them.

Mackerel and Bonito are caught using a line, and lures are great for when you want to catch a more predator fish.

It is important that you check out the rules and permits needed to catch shark bait.

There are several places where certain regulations will apply.

What To Look For In Shark Bait

Believe it or not, sharks actually have a preference when it comes to food.

Sharks can be quite picky. Did you know sharks are very intelligent predators?

This is why you need to take a few things into consideration when it comes to shark bait.

The Size

You might think that a big shark is only going to go for big bait, correct?

Wrong! It isn’t the size of the bait that attracts the sharks but how oily, bloody or frantic the bait is.

The more the fresh bait is fighting or just how smelly the fish is will determine whether you can attract sharks or not.

Does Freshness Matter?

Sharks prefer fresh. Only at the last resort will they scavage for their food.

There is actually more oily, blood, and smell to fresh fish than there is dead fish.

Sharks have a very strong scent detection and are able to track the smallest amount of blood.

Some people consider frozen bait, but this really isn’t the best option as fish is something that can become mushy once it has thawed out.

This means you might have trouble with the bait slipping off when you cast out or when it slushes around the water.


Due to sharks being so fussy, you need to be using the right bait for the different locations.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best equipment on the market or the most expensive boat.

You won’t attract sharks unless you use the bait that they want.

Catching shark bait can be fun to do, but if you don’t have the time or the equipment, you can buy your own that is ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shark Fishing

Can You Use Mackeral To Catch Shark?

Mackerel is popular for sharks. They have quite a strong smell which will attract sharks to you. Mackerel are quite easy to catch. These fish can be found in most locations of water.

What Is The Best Bait For Shark Tip?

The best tip for shark bait is to go for bait that has the most oil and most blood. It’s also important to have fresh baits as they are much more efficient than frozen baits.