What’s The Right Way For Tying Shock Leaders When Surf Fishing

What’s The Right Way For Tying Shock Leaders When Surf Fishing? We Explain!

There is never a bad time for heading out to try some surf fishing.

Now when we are talking about surf fishing, you will hear common words like shock leader.

If you don’t know when to use one or don’t know what one actually is, this is where we can help you.

Leaders help you to avoid breaking your line when you are casting into a shelly area or to avoid any abrasion from occurring when you have heavy loads.

What’s The Right Way For Tying Shock Leaders When Surf Fishing?

First, you need to overhand the loop using the line of your shock leader. You then need to thread the line through your leader and make a few loops with the line. It needs to wrap around 8 to 10 times. Now take your thumb and pointer and hold grasp the loop end and pull it through your shock leader 4 times is good. Now loop back to where you started.

What Does A Shock Leader Actually Do?

In most cases, a shock leader will be connected on the mainline, which will take the excess force when casting out your fishing pole.

This will lower the chance of getting break-offs and damage when casting out.

A 3-5 oz sinker that is tied to a surf fishing line of 12-15 lb may break under the forceful load that can be applied to it.

Applying a huge force to a power cast lure, including large fish, can become too much for it to handle.  

If you break the line, it is going to cause the terminal tackle that is connected to break.

This can be dangerous and can cause injury during flight.

This is the reason why surf fishing often uses shock leaders.

They break at high strength.

When Do I Need To Use A Shock Leader?  

How often you use a shock leader will depend on the type of fishing gear you are using and your choice of the fishing spot.

Shock leaders are best to use with monofilament fishing line or braided line that weighs under 25lb.

If you have a fishing line that weighs more than 20lb, then you don’t need to use a shock leader.

If you are really going for a big casting distance, then using a light braid line with a shock leader will give you the casting distance that you are after.

You can reduce the chance of breaking the fishing line by casting out with that combo to lower the tension that comes with casting a big load out.

Surf fishing requires shock leaders because of this.

As they are high breaking strength, they can protect you and others from the pressure of powerful casts.

This safety factor makes them a great choice.

How Should Shock Leaders Be Made?

Monofilament is generally used for shock leaders.

Since monolines are highly stretchable, they are ideal for casting heavy loads.

Using the less pound test than the recommended rule prevents the line from snapping.

At least ten pounds must be cast for every ounce of weight.

Additionally, it is capable of handling seabeds that are prone to abrasion, as well as rocky bottoms as well as fish that have sharp teeth, such as bluefish.

The coloring of mono means it has lower viability than other types like braid when they are in the water.

Using mono means the fish are solely going to be focused on the bait rather than the line distracting them.

Monofilament is liked due to its large diameter, although they do have a slight problem. 

When an 80 lb monofilament shock leader is tied to a 15 lb mainline, the contrast in sizes typically results in a large and weak knot.

As a result of this, your setup will be susceptible to any future breakdown.

The eyes of the rod are more likely to hang if the bait is cast with a large knot.


When you are surf fishing, you are going to rely on using shock leaders most of the time.

It is good to have a 27 to 30 feet extension for your line.

You need to think of not only your safety but also those around you so you can enjoy your day of fishing safely.

Frequenty Asked Questions about Shock Leader

Do I Need To Always Use A Shock Leader?

You don’t have to use a leader if you have a cast that is strong enough to handle the casting arm weight. Stick to the casting weight an ounce rule.

What Shock Length Do I Need For A Carp?

Try and aim for 30lb shock leaders and go for monoline if you can.